Working with MediaWiki
2nd ed., HTML version


This is a book about MediaWiki, so it wouldn't exist without the software, and all of the people who have helped to develop it. In a sense, they created this book – I just had to write it all down. A big thanks to all the developers, designers and testers of MediaWiki and the extensions described here. It would be unwieldy to try to list everyone, but if you were involved in creating the great software known as MediaWiki, I thank you.
This book consists of original content, except for the chapters on Page Forms and Cargo, much of which was copied from their respective documentation pages on The documentation for both of those extensions was mostly written by me, though other people contributed to it as well (it's a wiki); so a specific thank you to everyone whose edits to those pages have shown up in this book.
I have run the MediaWiki consulting company WikiWorks since 2009, and my experience gained in that company has informed a lot of this book. I would like to thank all the WikiWorks consultants, past and present, who have done the challenging work of implementing all this software and seeing what works and what doesn't (often through a lot of trial-and-error), and figuring out the best ways to use all the technologies together. This book occasionally uses the terms "we" and "our" – that's not a literary conceit, but rather an indication that the views here represent, to some extent, the collective opinion of WikiWorks. I would also like to thank the clients of WikiWorks over the years, for constantly clarifying what's important and what's less important to the real users of MediaWiki; and of course, for keeping us in business.
I would like to thank two organizations in particular, one a nonprofit organization and one a wildly profitable company: the Wikimedia Foundation and Google. They have both been instrumental in my involvement in, and continued benefit from, MediaWiki. It happens that, over the years, both have served all the following roles: reference source, software utility provider, sponsor of development, and client. These have been two tremendously valuable organizations, to me and to hundreds of millions of others, and I could never thank them enough for their contributions.
Finally, I would like to thank my lovely wife Lee, for her invaluable edits and for providing support and encouragement for the book every step of the way.