"Essential reading for MediaWiki administrators." - Erik Möller, former Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation

Working with MediaWiki

(2nd edition, updated for 2022)

by Yaron Koren

Foreword by Daniel Robbins

Working with MediaWiki is the most up-to-date guide to MediaWiki, the world's most popular wiki software. MediaWiki is best known for running Wikipedia, but it's also used by organizations and communities of every type and size, from fans of television shows to major companies storing vital corporate data.

Working with MediaWiki was written by Yaron Koren, a longtime MediaWiki developer, administrator and consultant, and founder of the MediaWiki consulting company WikiWorks. In around 300 pages (in printed form), and accompanied by dozens of diagrams and examples, the book clarifies how to use MediaWiki effectively, from the basics like wiki syntax to topics like creating data structures, controlling spam and improving search.

Working with MediaWiki places a special emphasis on two extensions, Page Forms and Cargo, which together transform MediaWiki into something more like a full-fledged database, with the capability to have forms for users to enter and edit data, as well as all sorts of aggregation of the data, including maps and calendars.

This book was first published in 2012, and was then updated in 2014, 2017 (the 2nd edition) and 2020. This latest update came out in November 2022, and features extensive changes to the content and images, covering all the latest functionality. Since 2017, the book has been available for free to read online.

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Praise for Working with MediaWiki:

"Yaron Koren's book is essential reading for MediaWiki administrators. It covers the basics in straightforward and clear language and will also enable you to set up, configure and use powerful but complex extensions like Semantic MediaWiki."

Erik Möller, Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation

"Whilst I was developing large websites based on MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki, Yaron proved to be a great source for solid advice. Now he has distilled loads of MediaWiki knowledge into a concise, actionable book. This book will save you time!"

Timo Kouwenhoven, expert consultant at DNV and technology lead of SKYbrary.aero and Navipedia.org

"Wow! Yaron Koren has created a true gem for MediaWiki aspirants. Working with MediaWiki is one of the few easy-to-follow, practical, and well-written books on the topic. If your organization uses, or is thinking about using MediaWiki, you need to read this book."

Chris Musialek, co-founder of Intellipedia, chief architect of Data.gov