Working with MediaWiki
2nd ed., HTML version

Preface to the 2nd printing of the 2nd edition

What you are reading is the 4th version of this book. Working with MediaWiki was originally published in November 2012. A "2nd printing" of the 1st edition was released in April 2014; it had substantial changes and fixes to the content. The 2nd edition was then released in March 2017. It was even more of an overhaul; most notably, it removed most of the content about Semantic MediaWiki, replacing it with a chapter about Cargo, a simpler alternative to SMW that had been released in 2015.
And now, three years later, here is the 2nd printing of the 2nd edition. As with the previous releases, it is meant to reflect the current state of the software. The section on authentication was rewritten, given changes over the last few years to that set of extensions. Other somewhat recent additions to the MediaWiki system were added to the book, like the OOjs and OOUI JavaScript libraries. The section on VisualEditor was expanded, and modified to reflect the fact that it is no longer a work-in-progress but now a standard part of the MediaWiki ecosystem. The sections on various other extensions were updated, including Approved Revs, Cargo and Page Forms.
In keeping with the pattern so far, will the next update to this book be a 3rd edition? Not necessarily. The change to a 2nd edition was motivated in large part by the switch from SMW to Cargo. There has not been a change of that magnitude since then, and in fact, the set of changes in this version is smaller than the set of changes in any of the previous versions (despite a longer time gap), suggesting a maturing of the software. So it could be that the book will stay on the 2nd edition for a while. Still, as is often the case with software, you never really know when the next big change is coming.
Yaron Koren
June 2020